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Janaka Thevin Janaka Thevin Janaka Thevin Janaka Thevin Janaka Thevin Janaka Thevin

My name is Janaka Thevin Dissanayake.  I was born and raised in Kalutara in the western part of Sri Lanka, one of the most spectacular parts of the island.

I studied at the University of Sri Jayawerdeanepure in Colombo, where I majored in marketing and obtained a Bachelor of Commerce degree.

I hold an official license from the Sri Lanka Tourism Authority, and since 2006 have been working as an English-speaking national tourist guide lecturer for leading travel companies in Sri Lanka, in addition to conducting tours for independent travelers with my own travel business, Ceylon Discovery Tours.

My long term interest in the tourism industry and my passion for getting to know people from various countries and other cultures, and sharing my knowledge and experience with them, made me become a professional tour guide following my bachelor degree.

Traveling is my hobby; learning about history, archeology, culture, wild life, plants and music are my lifelong passions. Because of my great enthusiasm for wild life, bird watching and archeology, I am a member of FOGSL-the Field Ornithology Group of Sri Lanka, the Archeological Society of Sri Lanka and the Young Zoologists Association of Sri Lanka.

So touring with me will enable you to share my knowledge and experience while exploring my beautiful country, and truly getting acquainted with the local traditions and daily life of my warm ever-smiling people. You could visit village people, learn their traditions, rituals and beliefs including the life of the indigenous - Veddha people of Sri Lanka, and you could go to several spectacular places such as the tea gardens, central hills etc.

My mission is to give you a relaxing holiday while sharing with you the natural beauty, glorious history, and rich culture of Sri Lanka.

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