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Best Food and Drink of Sri Lanka


Rice and CurryRice & Curry

The national dish is anything but a cliché. It's a banquet for the masses-you're presented with up to a dozen small dishes of vegetables and usually meats that have been prepared myriad ways.


A staple of Sri Lankan street cafes. Skilled cooks artfully use rice flour to create theses delicate bowls. Crispy and wafer-thin. They are the ideal venue for all manner of savory filling

Kottu RottyKottu Rotty

There is no way to make this favorite national dish. You start with some Rotti and chop it up before it goes in the frying pan; after that, what's best added to the mix is endlessly debated. Just follow the noise of chopping and banging.


A portion of rice, egg and meat baked in a plantain leaf.

Short EatsShort Eats

These ubiquitous snacks are sold across the country in dizzying variety. Typically deep fried and sold at stands, stalls or from street vendors. They can be samosas, crispy patties, stuffed rolls and more.


Buffalo CurdBuffalo Curd

A wonderfully creamy yoghurt usually served with thick, dark brown treacle known as Kitul pani-syrup from Kitul palm


Watalappam is a delicious pudding made from coconut milk, egg and juggery. Various spices such as cardamom & cashew nut give it a flavor that's both unique and addictive.



with spoonful of sugar is the locally preferred way to drink the indigenous hot drink

King CoconutLime Juice

is excellent, have it with soda water,

King CoconutThambili/King Coconut

juice still in the husk, is on sold at roadside everywhere

Ginger BeerGinger Beer

Ginger Beer is old school, very British and offers refreshment with a zing-look out for the Elephant or Loin brand


Yoghurt drink-Indian restaurants and sweet shops are good spot for Lassi


Lion BeerLion Beer

Locally brewed Lion Lager is a crisp and refreshing that is widely sold.


Fermented and somewhat refined toddy. It can have a powerful kick and give you a worse hangover. The best mixer for Arrack is the local ginger ale.


A drink made from the sap of palm trees, has a sharp taste, a bit like cider. There are three types toddy; made from coconut palm, toddy from Kitul/fish tail palm and toddy from Palmyras

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